Data Center Checklist: Data Center Design Ideas

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Are you a business owner who is in the process of building a data center? You must be wondering about the design of your data center. A data centre design refers not only to the physical structure, but also to the function and other properties of a data center. Here are some of the data design ideas you can use in building your own data center.

Green Data Center You can build your data center that can benefit not only your business, but also the environment. A green data center can be built using different approaches to reduce power and cooling impacts to the environment. An example of a green data center is the IBM data center located in Syracuse University. Such data center with a size of 12,000 square foot features micro-turbine engines powered by natural gas, absorption chillers, DC power distribution, and rear-door liquid cooling for each server cabinet.

Cost Efficient Data Center This type of data centre design can be a good option if you are worried about installation and maintenance cost. A cost efficient data center uses less energy and water compared with other data centers. An example of this is the Microsoft data center located in Dublin, Ireland. Such data center operates at a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.25 to power most of the global cloud computing operations.

Circular Data Center You can also build your data center using a circular design such as the CLUMEQ data center in Quebec. Such data center is a cylindrical building made of two-foot thick concrete walls. Instead of having a hot aisle, the data center has an interior hot core and uses the outer ring of the building as cold air chamber. A circular data center design can be built with grate flooring to facilitate air flow throughout the building.

Underground Data Center Another unique design idea is an underground data center. An example of this design is the Iron Mountain data center, also known as Room 48. The data center is located in an underground mine which used to be a limestone mine in Western Pennsylvania.  According to Iron Mountain, such data center that stores their customer’s digital information is nuke proof.

Recycled Data Center If all the previously mentioned designs seemed inappropriate for your business, you may try building a recycled data center that uses both solar power and thermal storage to save on energy costs. Such data centre design is adapted by the Phoenix ONE data center which was finished in 2005. The 538,000-square-foot building used to house the bottling operations of LeNature’s Beverages until it was bought by Phoenix ONE. Today, the building is now being used as data center and corporate headquarters.

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Data Center Checklist: Data Center Design Ideas

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Data Center Checklist: Data Center Design Ideas

This article was published on 2011/11/11