Data Center Solutions: Storage solutions for greater efficiency

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Business today is not the same as it was a decade ago. With technological advancements, and a globalized environment, merely incorporating information technology into the business process does not let an organizations stand out in the competitive world. The challenge now is to provide the organizations, its workforce, and the customers with IT solutions, which help these organizations meet the dynamic demands with flexibility and agility. The expansion of business has led to an increasing demand for computing and storage capacities.


A data center is a facility which houses the computer systems, storage devices, networking devices along with backup power supplies, data communications connections, environmental controls and security devices.  the boom of the IT industry gave rise to servers and networking devices and along with the dot com bubble brought in huge  Internet data centers or IDC’s to meet the corporate requirements of high speed connectivity, non-stop large scale operations of the business world. However, an effective data center solutions requires a balanced investment in both the facility and equipment. Standardization and modularity in design and construction will bring in the efficiencies for the data centers.


With businesses becoming more dependent on computing, data centers need to cater for better IT accessibility, large capacity storage servers with space, power and cooling infrastructure.  The best managed data centers will be the most adaptable, economically sustainable, ready with accurate, real-time and meaningful information about besides availability of continuous resources. The main purpose of a data center is running the applications like the ERP and CRM systems used for the core business and operational data of the organization.


Though a number of organisations have entered into providing data center services, the leaders in the industry offer the best data center solutions. Known for its innovative computing and storage solutions, these have actually set benchmarks of quality, reliability and performance. With unmatched technological know-how, these organizations provide cabinet and rack assembly needs of both large business house or small and medium sized enterprises. Besides providing racks for industrial applications, database servers, web servers, and networks, these leaders also take on turnkey projects to integrate hardware, software and peripherals as readily deployable solutions.


The competitive business environment and technological innovations has paved way for the growth of unstructured data.  Enterprises therefore look towards methods to consolidate data onto a single virtualized platform. A unified storage of resources is a method of centrally consolidating the resources from multiple application servers and sharing them. Such data center solutions, besides maximizing disk resources, it also ensures file and block data in tune with application needs. It also streamlines data backup and recovery.


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Data Center Solutions: Storage solutions for greater efficiency

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Data Center Solutions: Storage solutions for greater efficiency

This article was published on 2011/11/25