The Environmentally Green Data Center Management Solutions

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Americans watched in vain as gas prices skyrocketed in the summer of 2008, spawning the introduction of more energy-efficient industries to combat fuel costs and, in turn, ignite a flame for an eco-friendly and economically-sound lifestyle. In the automobile world, that meant more fuel-efficient and energy-efficient cars, trucks and SUVs, including the introduction of the much-awaited European Smart Car by DaimlerChrysler. But even with competitively-priced, fuel-efficient cars such as the Honda Civic, DaimlerChrysler Smart Car, and Toyota Prius, Americans continued to feel the impact of higher fuel costs, which spurred other industries to go green to compensate for the consumer's penny-pinching, dollar-saving tendencies.

According to The Green Initiative, whose goal is to conserve and protect natural resources for future generations, by 2050 the population will be over 9 billion, assuming people continue to populate at the same rate. The swell of inhabitants would deplete natural resources—like fuel—to an astonishing 25% per capita that people in 1950 had. Due to changing times and a constantly-evolving energy efficiency structure, the previous generation of energy management and energy production is no longer efficient. In order to combat the changes of energy management and the need for efficiency, companies have accepted "green" tactics.

Green tactics used by companies throughout the world for energy management include purchasing energy-efficient computers, servers and other equipment. These green computers, servers and other equipment reduce the amount of power required to operate, while still providing adequate functionality for daily tasks and procedures. Implementing green tactics into the daily life of a data center, such as purchasing servers that require less power to operate, improves the lifecycle of the data center and reduces the overall cost of ownership for the company. While computers don't run on fuel, those savings are mirrored through low ownership costs and an improvement of data center lifecycles thanks to data center management solutions and improved data center technology.

There are only so many ways to wage war on high gas prices.  But, it's a war that can be fought on many different battle fields.  And one promising field is the development, implementation and continual use of energy-efficient data center management solutions.

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The Environmentally Green Data Center Management Solutions

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This article was published on 2011/05/13