What to Look for While Using Colocation Services?

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Since the advanced colocation services have come in the picture, most of the enterprises and key decision makers perceive it as a redeemer of their data center needs and costs. For those who came late- colocation is a facility that allows multiple customers or businesses to place the server rack at the site of a service provider while utilizing the storage services of the provider. You can pick one or many reasons for colocation but have you even realized that how difficult is to find a good colocation data center services provider? With a suitable approach, and complete knowledge on choosing the best of the service providers out there, this critical decision can be taken.

It is practically impossible for you to go on a hunt looking for a right datacenter in the city. Seeing the boom in data center facilities, chances are you may have more than 1000 colocation centers. You may need to know how to figure out one right partner for your colocation needs based on your requirements and reason of colocation.

Even if you are willing to go and take the time to tour the facilities and investigate the provider about availability, density of the infrastructure, data center services, costs and accessibility, how would you know that finally you it is the One? What would be the terms on which you would make your risk-proof decision?

There are many reasons for the enterprises to outsource their data center services and colocate. Talking about the decision to colocate, there are several things which drive the interest of enterprises towards colocation and upgrade of the existing data center facilities. For small and expanding business, it can be very beneficial as without increasing the cost and getting into complexities, they can deploy the features of large IT features.

1) Cost implications: Is your current carrier charging a bomb? Or, now, when your business is expanding, worry of the off-track finances due to data management is taking a toll?

2) Expanding business: The expanding business also means increasing responsibilities in term of managing data.

3) Growing infrastructure which cannot be accommodate by existing IT architecture: As you grow in numbers and revenues, you need to add to IT resources. Chances are your existing network is not able to fit all the stuff in it. You can either remodel or recreate the architecture or simply outsource to a better solution provider.

4) The need to access better carrier and reduce the network latency: Your service provider is causing inconvenience and charging you much or causing network delays.

5) No in-house IT expert team: Seeing the expert and consistent care your data is demanding, the existing in-house team is incapable or not has necessitate experience to handle the critical applications.

6) Need to focus on core strategic business instead of worrying about operating and managing IT section: Rather than occupied about data, invest your time in managing business.

7) Need of a holistic approach for disaster recovery and business continuity: You are a well-thought marketer and know that you would need a smart strategy to bounce back, just in case if a disaster strikes.

So, before venturing into the colocation space, an organization should define its need and assess the load, density and growth objectives first. Depending on these, one can easily narrow down the criterion and save costs, time and efforts both. The comparison between one Co-lo and other would also be possible and easy. By having detailed architecture structure for your need, enterprises would also be able to dish out a contract and SLA in their favor. 


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What to Look for While Using Colocation Services?

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This article was published on 2011/03/17